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In the line of vision and mission of Malla Reddy University, and on a quest to enhance the standards of the Chanakya School of Public Policy by inviting luminaries into the academic advisory board. The board members are achievers and experts in their fields of speciality.

We have developed a few innovative courses—Master’s in Public Policy (MPP), MBA in Public Policy & Engineering Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management, Executive MBA Public Policy & Management, Executive MBA Political Leadership and Governance, Executive MBA Public Policy & Engineering Management , and BBA in Public Policy & Governance (embedded with Civil Services) to meet the aspirations of society and the job market.

I am confident that our best efforts in introducing the excellent advisory board and curriculum will assist students of Chanakya School of Public Policy in bridging the gaps in the governance in the Government and Education sectors, and serving the requirements of corporates, governments, NGOs, UN bodies, international organisations, and the society.

My warmest wishes to the students and academic leadership at Chanakya School of Public Policy.

Yours sincerely,

Dr K. A. Akash,
Founding Director,
Chanakya School of Public Policy,
Malla Reddy University.


Message from Dean  

I am delighted to welcome the student fraternity as well as academic and non-teaching staff to the institution.

Malla Reddy University, Hyderabad, a major supporter in developing young people’s potential and abilities, has established a new educational institution with full-fledged programmes in public policy.

We have chosen a brilliant faculty and are open to hiring the best academic brains with national and global experience to teach our courses to provide quality education to our students. Furthermore, we are incorporating experiential learning methods into the teaching-learning processes to assist the school’s students in fine-tuning their competencies and becoming responsible citizens.

I wish warmly the very best to the students and academic leadership at Chanakya School of Public Policy.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Amir Ullah Khan
Chanakya School of Public Policy
Malla Reddy University 

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