Vision & Mission

Chanakya School of Public Policy, Malla Reddy University offers Master’s in Public Policy (MPP), MBA Public Policy & Engineering Management, Executive MBA, Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management, and BBA – Public Policy and Governance. The programs offer concentrations in Public Policy & Governance, Public Policy and Engineering Management, Political Leadership & Governance.


Chanakya School of Public Policy aspires to be one of the leading schools of public policy in the country by developing policy analysts and leaders, capable of devising systemic improvements and reforms for better governance nationally and internationally.


Mission of School is to provide platform for education, research and training in the domains of public policy, governance, political leadership and management, encourage out-of-the-box thinking to contribute for better policy reforms, systemic improvements and governance.

Objectives of School

  • To motivate students and practitioners for research to explore and gain insights on the existing administrative processes
  • To promote research in the field of public policy, leadership and governance that can guide policy makers and leaders for effective planning and implementation.
  • To identify training needs and conduct suitable training programs for existing policy practitioners and upcoming political leaders.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, and workshops to encourage interaction and exchange of views by academia, practitioners, political leaders, professionals and working executives and of various agencies working on public policy and governance.

Our approach

Our approach while imparting knowledge (through eduction) is taking the studnets through the development cycle of Policies-Plans-Programmes -Projects across Global-Regional-National-State-Local Levels. The courses are designed with a unique multi-disciplinary and holistic approach with a view to stimulate answers, solutions, reforms and alternatives in policy formulation and implementation through continuous debate, discussion, research and analysis.

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